Strategic goals of EGTC

EGTC was established in one of the most disadvantaged region of the country, which is living dominantly from the agriculture, in the immediate neighbourhood of it there is a pole Romanian city (Arad) of great potential. Accordingly the strategic goals of EGTC:

1. Improvement of the employment situation in the region

• investment incentives;
• improvement of competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises;
• improving the conditions for business start-ups across the border;
• creating the conditions for cross-border commuting.

2. Strengthening agricultural cooperation

• establishment of cross-border local product sales system;
• transfer of experience between farmers in border areas;
• establishment of cross-border sales cooperatives;
• joint use of agricultural wastes for energy purposes.

3. Support for alternative ways of earning income

• development of cross-border cooperation in agrotourism, equestrian tourism, religious- and pilgrimage place tourism, and in the field of cultural tourism and cycling.

Medium-term plans of EGTC

• joint touristical management organisations, theme roads and the development of bilingual tourism infrastructure in the border region and conducting related training;
• establishment and operation of joint production and marketing cooperatives with farmers of border region;
• establishment of supplier networks and logistics service centres based on the industrial parks in Curtici and Arad;
• development of a common power supply system;
• construction and reconstruction of missing elements of the cross-border infrastructure.

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